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Acrypol range is a synthetic high molecular weight cross linked water soluble polymer of acrylic acid, which is known as "Carbomer". It is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and household industries.

It is available in powder and liquid form, which is soluble in water, alcohols and glycols. Before neutralization, pH of Acrypol grade solution lies between 2.5 and 3.0.

General Application
Thickening - To produce wide range of viscosities and flow properties
Suspending - Insoluble ingredients
Stabilizing - Emulsion

Traditional Acrypol 940, Acrypol 934, Acrypol 941, Acrypol 956, Acrypol 950, Acrypol 996
Benzene Free Acrypol 980, Acrypol 974, Acrypol 971, Acrypol 990, Acrypol ET2020, Acrypol ELT-IO, Acrypol ELT-20, Acrypol ELT-21, Acrypol ELT-31, Acrypol TR-1, Acrypol TR-2
Easy to disperse Acrypol ET2020, Acrypol ELT-10, Acrypol ELT-20, Acrypol ELT-21
Pharmaceutical for oral use Acrypol 934P, Acrypol 974P, Acrypol 971P, Acrypol ELT-31
Sustained release Acrypol 971G, Acrypol 912G, Acrypol 971P, Acrypol 934P
High surfactant system Acrypol ET-1, Acrypol ET-12, Acrypol ET2020, Acrypol ELT-20
Polymeric emulsifier Acrypol TR-1, Acrypol TR-2
Pre-neutralized Acrypol 640NT, Acrypol 641NT
Product (%) Solution
(at pH 7.3-7.8)
Minimum Viscosity* (cps) Maximum Viscosity* (cps) Spindle No. (Brookfield Viscometer)
Acrypol 940/980 0.5 40,000 60,000 7
Acrypol 934/974 0.5 30,500 39,000 6
Acrypol 934P/974P 0.5 29,400 39,400 6
Acrypol 941/971 0.5 4,000 11,000 5

*Viscosity of neutralized solutions is to be measured at 25°C and 20 rpm.

  • Thickening efficiency High viscosity at low concentration
  • Uniform performance Carbomer gives uniform viscosity performance, while natural gums vary in their performance
  • Temperature Stability There is no significant effect of temperature on polymer
  • Unaffected by aging Excellent shelf life
  • Microbial Resistance Resists bacterial attack and does not support mould growth
  • Versatility Although primarily used in aqueous systems with neutralization, it can also be used in solvent systems, with or without neutralization
  • Elegance Smooth and luxurious feeling


Acrypol range is a high molecular weight polymer. It cannot be absorbed by body, thus it is totally safe for human consumption. Test for toxicological tolerance shows that it does not have any pronounced, physiological action and is non-toxic.

Dermal irritation (in vitro test) - non irritant
Eye irritation (in vitro test) - non irritant
Skin sensitization (max. test) - non sensitizing

Storage & Handling

Acrypol range is highly hygroscopic in supplied form, it contains maximum of 2.0% moisture. When exposed to open air at room temperature and 50% relative humidity, its equilibrium moisture uptake is 8.0%. All moisture uptake does not affect its efficiency but polymer with high level of moisture is more difficult to disperse and weigh accurately. So, Acrypol polymers must be stored in a tightly closed container and away from direct contact with water and excessive humid conditions.

Acrypol polymer's efficiency will not get affected up to two hours at temperatures below 104°C. When it is exposed to excessive temperatures, it can be plasticized and lose its characteristics.

Shelf life

Powder form - Five years from date of manufacturing in intact condition
Liquid form - One year from date of manufacturing in intact condition

Note: Based on our testing, dry Acrypol polymers should last for years if stored properly and protected from moisture and extreme temperature


Powder form - 20 kg net in corrugated box with polyethylene liner
Liquid form - 50 kg plastic carboys and 200 kg plastic drum

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