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Acrysol grades are chemically castor oil derivatives. They are almost tasteless and odorless. They are used as solubilizers for fat-soluble vitamins, perfumes, essential oils and other hydrophobic pharmaceuticals. They have the ability to solubilize or emulsify oil soluble ingredients and convert them into clear transparent solution or stable emulsion respectively. It improves the solubility of poorly soluble drugs ( BCS class II and class IV ).

Characteristics Acrysol K-140 Acrysol K-150 Acrysol K-160 Acrysol EL-135
Color & Physical Form White to pale yellow Viscous liquid or soft thin paste White to pale yellow Viscous liquid White to off white Paste White to pale yellow Viscous liquid
Odor Odorless Odorless Odorless Odorless
Taste Tasteless Tasteless Tasteless Tasteless
Miscibility At elevated temperatures, it forms clear mixtures with fatty acids and fatty alcohols.
Effect of Temperatureá Acrysol grades are stable and does not turn rancid unless subjected to excessive heat.


Acrysol range improves water solubility of major water insoluble products. It is compatible with most of the commonly used ingredients. It helps to solubilize different pharmaceutical active ingredients like Acetaminophen, Bromhexine HCL, Dextromethorphan HBr, Povidone iodine, Loxapine Succinate, Vitamins like vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D, vitamin E acetate etc.

It is also used as solubilizer and stabilizer for oils and perfumes in cosmetic industries.

Dissolution Improver

It is generally used 3.0% to 5.0% w/w of API to improve dissolution of poorly soluble active ingredients like Cefuroxime Axetil, Cefpodoxime proxetil, Albendazole etc.

It should be mixed with API with or without heating and then dissolved in vehicle ( Aqueous / Non aqueous ).


Acrysol range is excellent versatile emulsifying agent. It emulsifies major hydrophobic substances like fatty acids, fatty alcohols, mineral oil etc.


Acrysol range improves moisturizing effect and soft feeling.

Transparency Improver

Acrysol range solubilizes insoluble oily substances in aqueous system and hence it improves transparency and shining.

In cosmetic formulations, it impacts elegance, appearance of products such as shaving gel, hair styling gel, hand wash gel etc. In pharmaceutical syrup formulations, it improves transparency.

Volatility retardant

Acrysol range retards volatilities of solvents. It can be used for highly volatile products like after shav lotion, perfumes etc. to retain its effect for longer period.

Film Former

Acrysol range improves film forming capacity and flow properties. Acrysol is preferred in cream, lotion, lipstick etc. to improve film forming capacity.

Masking Agent

Acrysol masks unpleasant taste and odor of typical formulations like pharmaceutical syrup containing alcohols and suspension like artemether and lumefantrine suspension.

Adhesion Reducer

Acrysol reduces adhesion and chipping properties of oils. It gives smooth feeling on application like in all pharmaceuticals and cosmetic ( creams, and lotions, hair oil etc. ) formulations.

Aerosol Formulations

Acrysol improves solubility of the propellant in aerosol in aqueous phase.


Acute and chronic toxicity test in animals have shown that Acrysol grades are essentially non-toxic and non-irritant material.

Self Life

Two years from date of manufacturing in intact condition.


5 kg, 20kg & 50 kg net in plastic carboy.

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