Company Philosophy


Corel Pharma Chem dedicates itself to offering cutting-edge polymer technology solutions. The company shall strive to be the leader in the segments by focusing on R & D.


We, at Corel Pharma Chem, are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers by providing quality products and exceptional services along with continuous improvement and innovation with positive attitude.


Corel manufacturing facility is routinely inspected by certification authorities, customers and our own internal audit teams. We work conscientiously every day to meet the industry standards. We have developed our own stringent quality management systems and internal and external audit programs to assure compliance with cGMP.

To ensure the quality of our excipients, we manufacture using the highest quality raw materials and in adherence to GMP standards. Every part of the process right from sourcing the best quality raw material through production till quality assurance and storage to delivery, ensures high quality product with consistency. All the process are routed to ensure customer specific requirement.

We have fully integrated In-house analytical facility for quality test of raw material, packing material and finished products.

The Quality Assurance Department Ensures:

  • Knowledge sharing through product design documents
  • Enhance the documents developed by the Quality Assurance division through internal inspection and stage by stage approvals with proper validation
  • Develop product validation protocols, facilities scale up and timely approvals of equipments, processes and products
  • Documentation controlling through accurate change procedures

Quality Improvement Plans:

  • Feedback of customers and product reviews
  • Feedback from the compliance and quality teams
  • Annual check of the product quality and proposals for corrective measures
  • Analysis of the product changing trends, sustainability
  • Strategy of product manufactured