Natural Coating Polymer

Nutracoat series is aqueous coating system of ethylcellulose polymer. The dispersion is combination of film-forming polymer, plasticizer and stabilizers designed specifically for modified release, taste masking and enteric coating applications. This technology provides reliable and reproducible release profiles giving consistency from the laboratory to pilot and production scale processes.

Note: Meets regulatory requirements for dietary supplement, nutritional and herbal products in North America and Europe. Composed ingredients are as approved food additives or have self-affirmed GRAS status.

  • Sustained release beads
  • Sustained release matrix tablets
  • Binder in wet granulation
  • Moisture protecting of powders, granules, tablets and capsules
  • Taste masking for powders, granules and tablets
  • Tailored release profiles
  • Choice of plasticizer available
  • Stable and reproducible release rates
  • Zero order release achievable
  • Completely water based system, allows for solvent free process
  • Low viscosity and non-sticky
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • No need of adding talc
  • Ready to use system
  • Easy to use and environmentally friendly

Nutracoat is a high molecular weight polymer, it cannot be absorbed by body. Thus, it is safe for human consumption.

Test for toxicological tolerance shows that it does not have any pronounced or physiological action.

Storage & Handling

Store it in tightly sealed containers. Avoid exposure to high humidity and temperatures above 30ºC.

Shelf Life

18 months from date of manufacturing in intact condition.


50 Kg plastic carboys and 200 Kg plastic drum.