Cost-effective Hair Fixative

Acryset is a new innovative hair fixative range specially developed for film forming property for hair styling formulations with ease of use, cost effective and ultra shine formulation property.

Acryset products can replace traditional hair fixative with less concentration and better performance in gel styling applications with superior humidity resistance, crystal clear appearance. It allows soft hold to ultra strong flexible hold in hair styling formulations.

Hair styling gel, Waxes, pump sprays, Hair mousses, hair spray.

  • Excellent humidity resistance.
  • Superior clarity of final formulation.
  • Excellent compatibility with synthetic thickeners like carbomers and natural thickeners.
  • Required in a very low quantity (0.1% to 0.3%).
  • Excellent cost effectiveness.
  • No tackyness or stickiness.
  • Non yellowing.
  • Long last curl effect.

Acryset is high molecular weight polymer. Test for toxicological tolerance show that it does not have any pronounced, physiological action and is non-toxic.

Dermal Irritation (in vitro test) – non irritant

Eye Irritation (in vitro test) – non irritant

Skin Sensitization (max. test) – non sensitizing

Shelf Life
  • Powder: Five years from date of manufacturing in tightly closed container.
  • Liquid: One year from date of manufacturing in tightly closed container.
  • Powder: 20 kg corrugated box with polyethylene liner.
  • Liquid: 60 kg carboy.