3 in 1 Liquid Polymer

Acrym range is an easy to disperse multi functional 3 in 1 liquid polymers, especially designed to emulsify. Thicken and stabilize the oil in water emulsion system which enhances the appearance of personal care formulations. It can be very easily incorporated in gel or cream formulation due to its unique dispensability properties which allow greater flexibility during processing of formulations.


Acrym range is a high molecular weight polymer. It cannot be absorbed by body, thus it is totally safe for human consumption. Test for toxicological tolerance shows that it does not have any pronounced, physiological action and is non-toxic.

Dermal irritation (in vitro test) - non irritant

Eye irritation (in vitro test) - non irritant

Skin sensitization (max. test) - non sensitizing

Storage & Handling

Store it in tightly sealed containers. Avoid exposure to high humidity and temperatures above 30ºC.

Shelf life

Two years from date of manufacturing in intact condition


60 kg carboys