Methacrylic Acid Copolymer
Acrycoat series comprise of Methylarylic acid copolymers which is used in film coating, Enteric coating, sustain release, moisture barrier, taste masking, colon target, binders, matrix forming, trasndermal-therapeutic system etc, in all oral solid dosage forms including multi particulates, regular or matrix tablets, patches and hard or soft-gel capsules.


As Acrycoat range is a high molecular weight polymer, it cannot be absorbed by body. Thus, it is safe for human consumption.

Test for toxicological tolerance shows that it does not have any pronounced or physiological action.

  • Powder: Store at a dry place, below 45°C.
  • Liquid: Store at a dry place, between 5°C to 35°C. Do not freeze.
Shelf Life
  • Powder form: Five years from date of manufacturing in intact condition.
  • Liquid form: Two year from date of manufacturing in intact condition.
  • Powder form: 10kg and 25kg net in fiber drum with polyethylene liner.
  • Liquid form: 20kg plastic carboys and 50kg plastic drum.