Ready-To-Use Coating Material

Colorcoat is one step, pre-blended ready to use coating material. Colorcoat coating material is based on well known pharmaceutically accepted polymers, opacifiers, pigments and plasticizers and is optimized to be compatible with any coating equipment.

Colorcoat range is available in clear, white and full color range offering all benefits to Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Ayurvedic solid dosage forms. Different shades are made up with quality certified lakes, iron oxides and natural colors.

Colorcoat system is a very cost effective and provides customers with full range of coating solutions.

Pigments used in Colorcoat


Natural colors: These colors are synthetically prepared from organic and inorganic compounds, which are derived from animal, vegetable and mineral sources. These colors are less stable toward light and heat.

FD & C Lakes: Lakes are color additives produced by the absorption or precipitation of water soluble dye onto a hydrated base or substrate rendering the color insoluble in water. Lakes are more stable than the corresponding water soluble dyes.

Oxides: Iron oxides are produced from ferrous sulfate with the most common forms being that of yellow, red and black. Oxides are stable pigments.We provide color guide to make it easy to the customer for selecting the shade of their choice.


Colorcoat range is a high molecular weight polymer so it can not be absorbed by body tissue and it is safe for human consumption. It has no physiological action at recommended dosage and is non toxic.


Store it at low temperature not exceeding 45°C. Protect from moisture.

Shelf Life
  • Powder form: Two years from manufacturing date in intact condition.
  • Liquid form: 6 months from date of manufacturing in intact condition.

10 kg and 25 kg fiber drum with polyethylene liner.